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Power Solutions Pro, LLC® is a stocking distributor of high quality and high precision laser nozzles and ceramics. We supply chromium plated and non-plated laser nozzles for TRUMPF® CO2 and Fiber Lasers.

TRUMPF® Laser Consumables
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
1124561Nozzle ECE Copper0.8mm
124562Nozzle ECE Copper1.0mm
966809Nozzle ECE Copper1.2mm
237497Nozzle ECE Copper1.4mm
237501Nozzle ECE Copper1.7mm
1253211Nozzle ECE Copper2.0mm
126933Nozzle ECE Copper2.3mm
942742Nozzle ECE Copper2.7mm
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
2352280Nozzle ECE Chrome-Plated0.8mm
352281Nozzle ECE Chrome-Plated1.0mm
352282Nozzle ECE Chrome-Plated1.2mm
352283Nozzle ECE Chrome-Plated1.4mm
352284Nozzle ECE Chrome-Plated1.7mm
1253212Nozzle ECE Chrome-Plated2.0mm
352285Nozzle ECE Chrome-Plated2.3mm
352286Nozzle ECE Chrome-Plated2.7mm
PositionPart #Part Name
3256153Cover Cap
PositionPart #Part Name
4260432Ceramic Nozzle Holder

TRUMPF® Laser Consumables
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
51324858Nozzle EAA Performance0.8mm
1324860Nozzle EAA Performance1.0mm
1324861Nozzle EAA Performance1.2mm
1324863Nozzle EAA Performance1.4mm
1324864Nozzle EAA Performance1.7mm
1324865Nozzle EAA Performance2.0mm
1324866Nozzle EAA Performance2.3mm
1324867Nozzle EAA Performance2.7mm
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
62059462Nozzle EAU Performance2.5mm
2060001Nozzle EAU Performance3.0mm
2060004Nozzle EAU Performance4.0mm
2060025Nozzle EAU Performance6.0mm
2253595Nozzle EAU Performance10.0mm
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
71579549Nozzle Brightline EAK2.5mm
1579556Nozzle Brightline EAK3.0mm
1633046Nozzle Brightline EAC5.3mm
1664569Nozzle Brightline EAN1.7mm
1664602Nozzle Brightline EAN2.0mm
1664625Nozzle Brightline EAN2.5mm
1809091Nozzle Brightline EAQ6.0mm
1809421Nozzle Brightline EAQ7.5mm
1835747Nozzle Brightline EAK4.0mm
1886199Nozzle Brightline EAQ9.5mm
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
81384753Crossjet Nozzle EBM2.0mm
1589610Crossjet Nozzle EBM2.0mm
1736458Crossjet Nozzle EBM1.0mm
PositionPart #Part Name
91755673Ceramic Nozzle Holder

TRUMPF® Laser Consumables
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
101354230Nozzle EBD0.8mm
212334Nozzle EBD1.0mm
1479581Nozzle EBD1.2mm
216199Nozzle EBD1.4mm
225213Nozzle EBD1.7mm
1487009Nozzle EBD2.0mm
126156Nozzle EBD2.3mm
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
11913799Nozzle EBG0.8mm
913800Nozzle EBG1.0mm
1487034Nozzle EBG1.2mm
913801Nozzle EBG1.4mm
937988Nozzle EBF1.7mm
1487036Nozzle EBF2.0mm
937989Nozzle EBF2.3mm
PositionPart #Part NameDimension
122241406Nozzle EBC X311.6mm
2241407Nozzle EBC X121.8mm
2241409Nozzle EBC X402.0mm
2085524Nozzle EBC X202.6mm
2241524Nozzle EBC X352.6mm
PositionPart #Part Name
13936678 or 2509767Ceramic Nozzle Holder

All of the nozzles and ceramics that we stock and supply are made in either the USA or Europe. Only the best is offered by us, and we have a 100% satisfaction rate supplying these to over 500 customers.

We are a one stop shop, supplying these parts with the OEM part numbers. We keep it simple, ensuring no confusion for our customers and we guarantee to be priced right so that you can run right.

Power Solutions Pro, LLC