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AMADA® STYLE Fiber Laser Consumables

AMADA® Style Fiber Laser Consumables
PositionPart #Part Name
171570022Standard Double Nozzle (D2.0F)
71501059Standard Double Nozzle (D2.5)
71501056Standard Single Nozzle (S1.5)
71501057Standard Single Nozzle (S2.0)
271501093Clean Cut Nozzle (D4.0 AL)
71501092Clean Cut Nozzle (D7.0 AL)
71570030Single ECO Nozzle (S1.0FE)
371570023Single ECO Nozzle (S1.2FE)
71568227Double ECO Nozzle (D1.2FE)
471341728Clean Cut Nozzle (D4.0 CC)
571341729Clean Cut Nozzle (D7.0 CC)
671712340PTFE Ring with Groove
771712350Adapter Nozzle Holder Plug-in
871716438Adapter Shield Ring
971712341Nut Kit
1071712342Cover Kit
1171712344Locating Pin
1271712349PTFE Holder
1371570026Protection Glass Octagonal
1471571308Protection Glass Round
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