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We stock and supply all of these optics products that are made by two world-renowned global optics manufacturers. These top quality optics producers have enormous expertise and global presence. We carry optics labeled with the manufacturer’s part numbers not private labeled. This ensures consistency and quality.

TRUMPF® Protective Window

Due to the large customer demand, Power Solutions Pro, LLC® now stocks a full range of TRUMPF® replacement protective windows for your laser.


Part #Part NameDimension
1614767Fused Silica Window34mm Dia x 5mm Thick
0766719 or 766719Fused Silica Window30mm Dia x 5mm Thick
1792250Fused Silica Window24mm Dia x 5mm Thick
2602937Fused Silica Window34mm Dia x 5mm Thick
6900003260Fused Quartz22.35mm x 4mm
0759720Fused Quartz55mm x 1.5mm
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