Power Solutions Pro, LLC is a stocking distributor of high-performance replacement parts for TRUMPF® CO2 and Fiber lasers. Our products are manufactured in the United States and Europe.

RF Tubes for TRUMPF® CO2 Lasers

Air Filters for TRUMPF® CO2 and Fiber Laser Dust Collection Units

RF Driver Stages for TRUMPF® CO2 Lasers

Nozzles and Ceramics for TRUMPF® CO2 and Fiber Lasers

Cutting Lenses/Optics/Protective Windows for TRUMPF® Lasers

Hyco Vacuum Pumps for TRUMPF® CO2 Lasers

Bellows and Railing Bellows for TRUMPF® CO2 Lasers

Fiber Laser Parts for TRUMPF® Lasers

Triodes and Tetrodes for Dielectric and Induction Heating

Common Consumables


Power Solutions Pro, LLC is not affiliated with TRUMPF®. The parts advertised for sale are not acquired though TRUMPF®.  Parts are supplied to us by other high-quality suppliers. Any reference to TRUMPF® machines, part numbers, etc. are for reference only. Call for current pricing.