High Value Electronic Components

High value electronics are in stock for your ​Trumpf® laser systems including the​  following:

Hyco vacuum pumps are available in both the original hardwired version and the newer plugin version. We stock the following direct drop in replacements for ​Trumpf® OEM part #’s: 0149023, 0352561, 0941996, 0946052, 1363752, 1363753.

Power Solutions Pro supplies refurbished DIAS Plus which is the replacement for the DIAS 3. It is compatible for both the Profibus and Bitbus systems and are commonly used in the 30 and 50 series lasers.

Available for shipment are PCU50 Siemens controller for computer (Trumpf® OEM part #’s) 1445683 & 1629433, Siemens NCK board (all types) and  Siemens 1 or 2 axis feedrate regulation boards.

Flow meters are available at a competitive price. There is no need the buy a Trumpf® retrofit kit when we stock the original replacement parts for less.

Contact us for pricing.